Corporate Social Responsibility


Unicorn not only offers a job for employees, we also through training to development them for the further opportunities. We encourage incentive program to values the employees that by tying our performance goals.

We do believe people are most valuable asset for the enterprise. We keep open, honest relationship with them, and then we maintaining a safe, healthy and productive working environment.

Staffs have a good health with direct impact on company long term sustainability and recognize the investing of them. We through health topics exercise, cleaning/smoking cessation program and hold campaigns to motivate and engaged by encouraging them to maintain a healthy work and healthy lifestyle.


爱心公益企业 龙华新区工业100强

团建活动 @2018

义工活动 @2018

春茗 @2018

2018年3月春茗表演節目 1
2018年3月春茗表演節目 2


春茗 @2017

2017年3月春茗表演節目 1
2017年春茗表演節目 2

Facilities for entertainment:

Basketball Court
Canteen 1

TV area
Canteen 2

麒麟义工队参加各项活动 @2015

消防宣讲 @2015

春节联欢晚会 @2015

深圳福利院 @2015.01

消防演习 @2014.09

社区篮球赛 @2014.09

UNICORN CEO步行100km慈善筹款 @2014.07


Chinese New Year's party @2014.02